Gold for CSR policy of Moonen Packaging

Packaging specialist Moonen Packaging has been awarded Gold status by EcoVadis for its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. This puts Moonen among the best 5% of all assessed participants affiliated to this global platform for the registration and validation of sustainable performances.

EcoVadis investigates and assesses suppliers on the basis of policy, initiatives, and results in the field of the environment, working conditions, fair commercial practices, and the supply chain. Two years ago, Moonen gained the Silver rating and has since then been making efforts to reach the Gold standard.

Demonstrably sustainable
'Our results in the field of sustainability are becoming more and more significant,' explains Leon Simons, COO at Moonen. 'By gaining this Gold rating, we have shown that we apply a strong CSR policy with regard to areas such as the environment, social matters, ethical aspects, and the supply chain.'
Being awarded this Gold status underlines Moonen's role as a chain director. 'We are rolling out our CSR policy further, extending it to partners and suppliers within the chain,' Simons continues. 'Our policy already satisfied the conditions of ISO 14001 two years ago, and now we expect our suppliers to meet the terms of this certification, too. After all, we are as critical as our clients and set increasingly stringent requirements for our suppliers.

Ultimate authority
Simons is very satisfied with the achievement of gaining such a high rating in EcoVadis' evaluation. 'As a pioneer in the field of CSR, you can announce to the world that you are acting responsibly and in an environmentally-friendly manner, but it is naturally worth even more if EcoVadis awards you Gold status. It is a wonderful addition to winning the CSR performance ladder (MVO Prestatieladder) level 4 earlier this year. As an independent organization operating worldwide, EcoVadis has the largest number of affiliated suppliers and purchasing parties. EcoVadis is a unique, almost ultimate authority in the field of sustainability. I am delighted with their assessment and with this Gold award for sustainability.'