The ‘Box on Demand’ total concept: the facts

If you find it challenging to package differently sized products together, then Moonen Packaging's ‘Box on Demand’ total concept is the solution to package your goods of varying sizes together in a single box at any time. By using the ‘on demand’ packaging system, you can significantly reduce your material costs, labour time, and CO2 emissions.

Controlling the chain

Moonen Packaging supply chain

The ‘Box on Demand’ total concept is Moonen Packaging’s way of adding extra value and going beyond just delivering packaging that fits. By helping you load your lorry more efficiently, you can deliver twice as many products on a single trip! You can gain an additional logistical advantage when you bill according to Dimensional Weight Pricing (DWP). This method calculates the postage and packaging based on the volume of the packaging as opposed to its weight.


The packing machine

Moonen Packaging  box on demand machine

The 'Box on Demand’ total concept’s packaging machine has a small environmental footprint and is compact by design.

Here are some of the machine's specifications:

  • 1.40 m - 2.50 m
  • Can produce ten boxes per minute
  • Ideally suited for online retailers, fulfilment companies, and spare part products
  • Is ergonomically supportive
  • Can be ordered under several forms of contract


Smart software

Moonen Packaging smart software

Did you know that the average person can think of how to most effectively package up to six products in one container? To help you package more products, our packaging managers will show you the most cost-effective packaging solution with the use of smart software. The entered data will be sent to the machine which will then shape endless corrugated cardboard into the box for your products.


The material endless corrugated cardboard

Moonen Packaging enless corrugated cardboard

These days, a lot of time is spent on optimizing small packaging solutions for online stores, while large industrial products continue to be sent in inefficient packaging solutions. This leads to you buying many different types of packaging materials that take up too much space in your logistics centre. 'Box on Demand' utilizes endless corrugated cardboard as the only type of packaging material. It is cardboard stacked in a zigzag pattern that makes it very well-suited to create a custom-sized box. You only use the materials you need at that time.


Six advantages for your e-fulfilment chain

  1. A reduction of up to 40% in packaging costs
  2. The ability to deliver up to twice as many products
  3. A reduction of up to 30% in logistics costs
  4. Less costs on returns
  5. Up to 80% less filling material and air in the box
  6. Reduced personnel costs