Certificates for Moonen Packaging

Quality is a term that you as a company need to give content and meaning to yourself. Clients know what that meaning is. Others can gain an impression on the basis of our certifications. Moonen Packaging has made a conscious decision to make its quality visible. We are intrinsically motivated to surpass the norm, and exceed all expectations. Why?

A certificate is a form of transparency, offering national or international confirmation that we are a reliable partner. For Moonen, every certificate gained and every standard applied means an opportunity to demonstrate that we are continually going the extra mile for our clients, partners, and suppliers. With our certifications and standards, we help them make progress. How do we do it? Read more about our certifications below!

CSR performance ladder level 4

The CSR performance ladder makes the sustainable development of an organization concrete, objective, and demonstrable. The performances of each company are measured by the external auditor BSI. In 2014, Moonen Packaging was the first company in its sector to reach level 3 on the CSR performance ladder. Since then, we have made further investments in improving the sustainability of our organization in the areas of staffing, logistics, products, and internal operations. Our stakeholders are also actively involved in improving sustainability. In 2015, Moonen attained CSR performance ladder level 4, making it the leader in its field once again. In the summer of 2021 this certificate was renewed. Once again making Moonen Packaging one of the frontrunners in our industry.

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Platinum status for EcoVadis

EcoVadis is an international organization and well known as a global platform for the registration and validation of sustainable performances. In 2021, Moonen Packaging was assessed by EcoVadis with regard to its CO2 emissions, reduction of paper use, safety, ethical business practices, assessment of suppliers, and much more. We have achieved the EcoVadis Platinum rating. This Platinum rating puts Moonen Packaging among the best 1% of all assessed participants affiliated to this global platform for the registration and validation of sustainable performances.

Lean & Green stars

This nationwide programme run by Connekt is the highest award that can be gained by leading parties in sustainable logistics. Moonen Packaging gained its first star in 2012. Together with just thirteen other companies in the Netherlands, we were able to add a second star to that first one in 2014 as the greenest company in the Netherlands. This second star is the reward for the reduction of CO₂ emissions in the Moonen business chain. This year, we are involved in the setting of the standards for the third star. Through participation in the programme for sustainable leaders, Moonen Packaging has already achieved a 49.6% reduction in CO2 emissions. That is more than twice the standard for the programme!

ISO 14001

This environmental management system is focused on the management and improvement of our environmental performance. In this way, the environment has gained a permanent key position in our business operations and will be assessed and audited by DNV, our external audit partner. All employees of Moonen Packaging are aware of our green strategy. They are not only ambassadors but are also challenged to reinforce our green genes.

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ISO 9001

This is an international quality management system with which we show our clients that we satisfy their quality requirements. With ISO 9001, we offer transparency in demonstrating that we adhere to legislation and regulations, but also that we work in a client-focused manner, that we assure quality in our processes, and that we continually assess ourselves and make improvements. Gaining ISO 9001 certification benefits us and our clients.

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British Retail Consortium (BRC)

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) describes hygiene and food safety requirements for food-processing companies that supply directly to the retail sector. As a wholesale packaging business, Moonen has successfully completed the section Storage & Distribution. This means that we satisfy the BRC's requirements for food safety.

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Energy Label A++++

At the end of April 2020, the Moonen Packaging building in Weert was awarded an A ++++ Energy Label. This is evident from the energy scan commissioned by Nelissen Ingenieursbureau b.v. The gasless building with solar panels is completely CO2 neutral. These measures have contributed to achieving the highest achievable energy label A ++++.

Code Healthy and Safe Warehouse

Code Gezond en Veilig Magazijn

Moonen Packaging is a member of the Code Healthy and Safe Warehouse (Code Gezond en Veilig Magazijn). This code requires us to critically look at our “risk hotspots” and improve them. The aim of the code is an efficiently designed logistics center and a healthy and safe workplace for our employees and guests. In addition, we want to raise awareness of the possibilities that the code offers to improve the safety of our relations’ logistics centers.

Through this Code Moonen Packaging works on two P’s of our CSR policy, People and Profit!

Thuiswinkel Business Certification

Our webshop Moonen Direct is certified by Stichting Certificering Thuiswinkel. By obtaining this certification, Moonen Packaging demonstrates that its B2B webshop meets the 8 certainties on which the Thuiswinkel business certificate is based. As a result, medium-sized and small companies now get the assurance from Thuiswinkel.org that Moonen Direct is a professional, safe and reliable webshop that provides (sustainable) packaging solutions.