Nolco: Flexible protection for large and heavy equipment

Heavy, long steel pipes, large reels, heavy round parts are a big challenge to store or transport undamaged. Wooden boxes and frames have the disadvantage that they can splinter, are heavy and take up a lot of space. Moonen Packaging meets industrial companies and introduces Nolco-flex and Nolco-rib as a solution.


With Nolco-flex you create a protective casing for shock-, pressure-, surface- and weather-sensitive goods.

Nolco-Flex consists of double-sided laminated sheets of soft wood fiber in widths that are available up to 2.40 meters. The parallel groove makes this material flexible and rollable. The required amount is cut off from an endless roll and applied separately to each packaged product as a protective cover. Nolco-Flex forms a closed protective surface, as an alternative to heavy, splintering wooden housing.

Nolco-Rib offers similar functionality as Nolco-Flex, but consists of hardboard strips. The strength lies in the greater flexibility and the load distribution effect. Due to selectable widths up to 8 meters suitable especially for exceptionally long goods.


Nolco-Flex Nolco-Rib

Both variants have the advantages:

  •      Flexible / elastic
  •      Rollable
  •      Cut to size, material reduction
  •      Reduction transport tax
  •      Simple splinter and nail free handling
  •      Reduction of storage area
  •      Homogeneous packaging material
  •      No nails or staples needed
  •      No damage to product or packaging
  •      No additional treatment needed to comply with ISPM standard


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