Disposable cups like ours, made from sugar-cane waste with a biodegradable coating, are the most environmentally friendly. There is no felling of trees that have been growing for many years and formed part of a natural habitat. We are very proud of that, but there is still room for improvement! That's why we’re introducing ‘Stack-it’.



True sustainability starts with protecting our precious resources

The natural loop

Stack-it is a biologically-cyclical cup concept for your business whereby we supply cups and accessories and collect them again after use.

No trees are chopped down for Stack-it cups because our coffee cups are made from the residual waste of sugar cane production. Furthermore, the used cups are processed to produce biogas and compost, creating a 100% biological lifecycle.

Our cups have the lowest environmental impact compared to all other available cups. That's real sustainability, making Stack-it a unique lifecycle concept for your business.


We provide all the support you need to make Stack-it a success.

- Relieving concerns: You receive our sugar-cane cups, bioplastic stirrers, bioplastic waste bags, and collection systems on loan, and only pay a fixed price for use.

- Implementation: The Stack-it implementation plan helps you by means of carefree and simple implementation and instructions.

- Reduction of cups used: The Stack-it cup reduction plan helps you drastically reduce the number of cups you use on an annual basis, and makes this cost saving clear and easy to understand.

- Communication: Stack-it provides a wide range of communication tools to keep everyone informed about this sustainable lifecycle concept,


all with the minimum amount of effort and environmental impact. Helping you to personally contribute to a better world. It's a wonderful lifecycle that will be the jewel of your CSR policy!

Stack-it. The natural loop.

Stack-it loop

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